All-Nighter {Birth Photography Huntsville Alabama}

I love birth photography... so much that I will stay up all night waiting for a baby! ;) I rushed to the hospital this night around midnight after the Dad called when they reached the hospital and Mom was already at 8-9 cm! I don't think I ever moved so fast to get to the hospital! (No speeding was involved. ;) ) I was expecting a baby to be born as soon as I got there but this just goes to prove how unpredictable births can be. We all stayed up waiting in anticipation and finally took a power nap around 3 AM. A baby boy entered the world at 5:45 AM. This birth was especially fun because no one knew the gender until the birth! It was exciting and such an honor to be a part of another birth. The great part about birth photography besides witnessing a miracle is getting to know sweet and amazing couples like this one and watching them become parents. ♥ Here's some favorites from the labor and birth and check out the birth story video at the end too.