Impressions {the other side of the lens}

Believe it or not I'm really really bad about taking personal photos during the holidays so surprisingly my December "Impressions" post isn't holiday related at all. Besides the professional family photos we have taken every year, I like to stay behind the lens. I'm rarely "camera-ready" and feel lucky if I get a shower and my teeth brushed. But it hit me recently that one day my children will look back on all the candid photos I take of them and wonder "Where's Mom??". SO I forced myself to set up my camera the best I could and take a few snapshots of us with my wireless remote. They're not perfect at all - the focus is off, my son isn't wearing pants, and my hair is sloppy, but my kids won't care about that when they look at these photos 20 years from now. s_lifestyle_family_photography_huntsville_al_0098.jpg

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