Cozy {In Home Maternity Session}

I'm so excited to be able to capture these precious moments for one of my best friends!! Now we're just anxiously waiting for the arrival of their baby girl. I just know their daughter will look back on these photos when she's older and know how much they loved her (and each other) before she was even born. ♥

maternity_photography_ardmore_al.jpg in_home_maternity_session_huntsville_al_0000.jpg maternity_photography_huntsville_alabama_0001.jpg maternity_photography_huntsville_alabama_0002.jpg winter_maternity_session_huntsville_al_0001.jpg winter_maternity_session_huntsville_al_0002.jpg


It's been awhile since I've shot a maternity session and I almost forgot how much I enjoy them!!!  This is the first maternity session I've shot since I found out I was pregnant.  So I pretty much chatted both of their ears off the entire time. ;)  This session was amazing - a beautiful, happy, and photogenic couple.  You can tell these two are just head over heels for this baby already! I can't wait to meet him or her (it's a surprise) in April!

And after this session, I just couldn't help but think - "I can't wait until MY maternity photos!" :)