Fall Baby {Huntsville Newborn and Family Photographer}

I love the chance to take newborn photos both inside and outside of the home! And when I saw this amazing orange tree near this family's home I knew immediately where we would go for the outdoor portion. I love how real and playful these photos are. Sigh - I just love lifestyle newborn/family sessions...

Best of Both Worlds {Huntsville Newborn Photographer}

This is one of my all time favorite newborn sessions!! This entire session truly represents my style for newborn photography which has changed since I first started. I really enjoyed getting to know this couple from their maternity session to pulling an all-nighter with them at their baby's birth and then spending an afternoon with them here. Their maternity session took place in the Flint River so I threw the idea out there to return to the river for their newborn session and to my delight they were up for it!! And I'm so glad! I love when clients trust my ideas.... So after some shots in their home, we headed to the river and I love the results! I truly got the best of both worlds with this session - the cozy photos at home and the natural photos at the river. Thank y'all for being so awesome!!!


Lately I've wanted to take newborn sessions in a new direction and involve the parents much more than before. And I've LOVED the results! I want parents to have the best of both worlds - lifestyle family photos and individual photos of their newborn. Photos of newborns are so wonderful but there's just something about a lifestyle photo of mom, dad, and baby that just grabs my heartstrings. I know the last thing some mothers want to do is be in front of a camera after giving birth but I really don't think it would be regrettable in the end when you can go back and look at precious photos of you and your fresh baby sharing a moment together. Warning: These photos involve a beautiful mother (with gorgeous hair I might add) who just gave birth but looks like she never did. Try not to hate her too much - she can't help it! ;)

The sweet baby...

Little Big Things

It's amazing how the smallest details can hold such a huge place in your heart. Little baby eyelashes, little baby lips, and little baby spit bubbles - I'm taking every little inch of him in.