Cozy {In Home Maternity Session}

I'm so excited to be able to capture these precious moments for one of my best friends!! Now we're just anxiously waiting for the arrival of their baby girl. I just know their daughter will look back on these photos when she's older and know how much they loved her (and each other) before she was even born. ♥

maternity_photography_ardmore_al.jpg in_home_maternity_session_huntsville_al_0000.jpg maternity_photography_huntsville_alabama_0001.jpg maternity_photography_huntsville_alabama_0002.jpg winter_maternity_session_huntsville_al_0001.jpg winter_maternity_session_huntsville_al_0002.jpg

Splish Splash {Huntsville Lifestyle Photography}

These photos of my sweet boy are from Sept of last year.  I meant to post them but just never got around to it.  In fact life got so busy, I got very behind on my personal pics, but I'm caught up now after sorting through thousands and thousands of photos. Whew.  I just couldn't help but share these bath photos even if they are "out of date". ;)

Round Two...

I have a couple little bits of exciting news to share before Spring gets here...

I'm pregnant!! Baby #2 will be here in September!  YAY!!  I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time.  :)  So that of course means I will be taking a few months off at the end of the Summer (Aug-Oct) and availability other months may be very limited.  Which brings me to my exciting news #2:

I'm doing it again since it was loved last year! I love my clients and want to offer a little something extra. I'm having a special mini session event on April 6th for 2013 clients only and the best part - it's FREE. And that includes the digital images. Awesome. So if you book a session anytime in 2013, you get to participate! If you've been thinking about booking, now is the time to take advantage of this deal!

Contact me to book your session.  Availability is limited and spots are filling up.

Winter Session {Huntsville Toddler Photography}

I've been photographing these girls since they were 6 months old and now they're walking!! I think they have started looking even more identical and more beautiful with each session. After some last minute location changes due to cold weather we ended up at the gorgeous (and warm) Winchester Manor and the girls loved exploring it!! P.S. Aren't these little coats adorable!? I think I have a new love for winter sessions now. ;)

Fall Baby {Huntsville Newborn and Family Photographer}

I love the chance to take newborn photos both inside and outside of the home! And when I saw this amazing orange tree near this family's home I knew immediately where we would go for the outdoor portion. I love how real and playful these photos are. Sigh - I just love lifestyle newborn/family sessions...

Big Kids {Huntsville Family Photographer}

I have a tiny confession: I was nervous about this mini session with teenagers. I'm used to tickle wars, chase, peek-a-boo, and all that good stuff. I was afraid the teens would think I was lame (and they probably did) but it was actually a nice change of pace from the toddler-chasing and baby-talking that I'm used to. These guys toughed out my "lame" session for their sweet mama and did awesome! And I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful and inspiring this family is! ♥

Dirty Dishes

This post has just been sitting in my drafts for a couple of weeks because it makes me nervous but here it goes... I'm baring my soul and my imperfections. And for some reason I feel led to share. Lately I've felt overwhelmed, stressed, busy, uninspired, and I just can't live up to the expectations I've set for myself to be SuperMommy/Wife. The regular ordinary everyday "stuff" - you know toddler sleep issues, never ending dirty dishes, holiday stresses, messy house, biz to-do lists, etc led me to have a little silly "moment" the other day while I was filling up the sink of dirty dishes with soapy water once again. Granted these are silly things to get stressed about (even more so when I look back on this) and my family is extremely blessed but for some reason those everyday things just get to me sometimes. My "moment" ended just in time for me to catch the water and turn it off just before it was about to overflow and it reminded me that when you turn to God, He will never give you more than you can handle. That He may let your "sink" get full but will never let it overflow. ♥ So I decided to let God take care of my "dirty dishes" and not to let all the little things bother me because He is taking care of me. "Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:6-7 (NIV)

Gift of Memories {Huntsville Children Photographer}

These photos will soon be sent off to these adorable kiddo's Daddy in the Air Force. I'm sure he's going to enjoy looking at their photos everyday while he's out serving our country. I'm so happy that I was able to help them create such a priceless gift for their Dad. I can only imagine how much they all miss him!

Photos for a special family...

Remember the giveaway I did waaay back in April? Well between busy schedules and rescheduling due to weather, I finally had the honor to shoot the winning family! After reading through so many wonderful entries, the judges and I picked one. Here's what the nominee said about Kelly: "I first met Kelly when I booked her as our wedding photographer 2 years ago. I immediately knew she was a special person when I found out she was a coordinator for the local Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep foundation. As a volunteer for NILMDTS Kelly donated her time and talent as a photographer to families who lost an infant child. Kelly also recently donated a photo session to a soldier and his family before deployment, making sure to capture beautiful memories for them before they are separated. The Baugher family has recently been through some very rough times. Kelly’s son, Luke, was diagnosed with a tumor and is still undergoing treatments at St. Jude’s Hospital. Luke’s cousin, Logan, was also being treated at St. Jude’s for leukemia and tragically lost his battle earlier this month. Despite their personal trauma Kelly has kept a loving, giving attitude. She arranged donations and cleanup for victims of recent tornados, again donating her own time and resources for others. Kelly always has encouraging words and scripture to offer. She constantly puts others before herself and never lets life’s troubles keep her from serving her community. Although Kelly is a wonderful photographer she rarely gets the chance to be in front of the camera and part of the family photographs. Kelly is absolutely one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Her love for life, her family, her community, and God is evident in everything she does. Kelly has never asked for anything in return for all of her giving and sacrifice and deserves to be recognized as a truly unique and special person."

I finally got to meet her and she's even more wonderful than I pictured in my head! :) Things have changed since April - Luke is now tumor-free!! Woohoo!! Praise the Lord! This session was a blast! As you can tell from the photos - there was lots of laughter. Little Luke is a hoot and was cracking me up the entire time. And his big sister is just the sweetest. Their nominee was right - this is definitely a unique and special family. ♥

Kelly has put her photography biz on hold for now but she still continues to volunteer now through A Pure Focus. This is a wonderful organization here in North Alabama that provides free photography to families facing life-threatening diseases. If you know a family or are a photographer who would like to volunteer go sign up! And go like them on Facebook and spread the word! :)

P.S. How beautiful is this location at Isom's Orchard!? Gorgeous!

Best of Both Worlds {Huntsville Newborn Photographer}

This is one of my all time favorite newborn sessions!! This entire session truly represents my style for newborn photography which has changed since I first started. I really enjoyed getting to know this couple from their maternity session to pulling an all-nighter with them at their baby's birth and then spending an afternoon with them here. Their maternity session took place in the Flint River so I threw the idea out there to return to the river for their newborn session and to my delight they were up for it!! And I'm so glad! I love when clients trust my ideas.... So after some shots in their home, we headed to the river and I love the results! I truly got the best of both worlds with this session - the cozy photos at home and the natural photos at the river. Thank y'all for being so awesome!!!

All-Nighter {Birth Photography Huntsville Alabama}

I love birth photography... so much that I will stay up all night waiting for a baby! ;) I rushed to the hospital this night around midnight after the Dad called when they reached the hospital and Mom was already at 8-9 cm! I don't think I ever moved so fast to get to the hospital! (No speeding was involved. ;) ) I was expecting a baby to be born as soon as I got there but this just goes to prove how unpredictable births can be. We all stayed up waiting in anticipation and finally took a power nap around 3 AM. A baby boy entered the world at 5:45 AM. This birth was especially fun because no one knew the gender until the birth! It was exciting and such an honor to be a part of another birth. The great part about birth photography besides witnessing a miracle is getting to know sweet and amazing couples like this one and watching them become parents. ♥ Here's some favorites from the labor and birth and check out the birth story video at the end too.

One Year Session {Huntsville Child Photography}

It's always a pleasure photographing this family! This little man is so sweet, content, and cooperative. He's the same age as my Elijah so it was bittersweet to see this cutie turn one along with mine. I can't believe they grow so fast!! We had a great time strolling the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. My favorite part was watching him play in the bubbling rock - so cute!!